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Lord Fin Tube--Heat boiler equipment

The company mainly produces and boiler products supportings the 1025t / h and belowing the boiler tube air preheater (bare tubes, spiral groove tube, heat pipe, etc.), rotating filters, cold wind cut off the door, 2050t / h and below serpentine boiler (economizer, reheater, superheater etc.); 650t / h and below the boiler steel, coal burners, metal expansion joint, high-temperature non-metallic expansion joints and other products, and high-frequency welded pipe, spiral finned tube, H-type finned tube heat exchanger components for the boiler, the petrochemical industry and other supporting all types of pressure vessel.
The company occupies 49,000 square meters, has eight manufacturing plants across the total 35,000 square meters of manufacturing plants and high mechanization program automatic welding, industrial television systems, CNC bender upsetting top and 180 meters long rack and feed control system serpentine pipe production line composed of small R extrusion shaping machine, multiple bender, large heat treatment furnace (19m × 3.4m × 4m) and so on more than 100 sets of professional equipment and testing equipment.
Companies with supply and marketing department, technology department, manufacturing department, QC and the Finance Ministry and other five the second workshop, the existing staff of 308 people, including engineering and technical staff of 25 people, professional management staff of 15 people, eight full-time inspectors, NDT personnel 11 people, the holder welder 45 people, more than 80 other skilled workers.
The company provides comprehensive technical support by the Dongfang Boiler (Group) Co., Ltd., has strong product development, design and manufacturing capabilities. He has designed Zhejiang Zhenhai Power Plant, Hangzhou Mid Power Plant, Gansu Jingyuan Power Plant, Yangzhou Power Plant, Liancheng Power Plant and other, transforming the boiler economizer, cold reheat, air preheater, steel, non-metallic expansion joints, etc. products.