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Lord Fin Tube--Heat Exchanger Tube Plate

Heat Exchanger Tube Plate or tube sheet

Tube plate is a kind of heat exchanger accessories. The plate drilled holes, which diameter slightly larger than pipe diameter. The pipes penetrated throught the holes and welded on the plate to fix the position

In the fixed tube sheet calculation according to the variety of conditions in the temperature of the calculated shell axial stress, heat exchange tube axial stress and heat exchanger tube and tube plate between the pull-out force of Q, a can not meet the strength (or stable) conditions, it is necessary to set expansion joints. In the fixed tube plate strength checking calculation, when the tube plate thickness is determined, do not set expansion joints, sometimes tube plate strength is not enough, set expansion joint, pipe plate thickness can meet the requirements. At this point, it can also be set up to reduce the expansion section of thin tube plate, but from the material consumption, manufacturing, safety and economic results and other comprehensive evaluation.

Fixed tube sheet for heat exchanger in common is U-type expansion joint, which has simple and compact structure, good compensatory and cheap price advantage.

Tube plate processing accuracy, especially the tube hole spacing and diameter tolerance, verticality, smoothness are greatly affects the above listed chemical equipment, assembly and performance. With the chemical equipment, power station of large, the diameter of the tube plate is becoming larger and larger, the diameter of the tube plate is very common 4m-5m. Large tube plate is characterized by a large number of tube holes, dense, small, deep, deep, precision and smooth finish requirements.