Lord Fin Tube--Heat Pipe

Heat Pipe

As the existing heat pipe technology in order to face the new challenges of electronic must be significantly improved cooling, foam plastics enhances its unique metal foam core heat pipe capillary force. Initial prototype by an external laboratory testing has shown performance improvements of 100% compared to conventional mesh wick.
Foamed plastic pipette proposed structure, because the presence of a very small hole in the foam and high permeability than the micro-structure of the sintered powder having a higher capillary force. Metal foam heat pipe it is possible to manage more heat in any direction. Metal foams can be easily incorporated into like rods and plates allows the production of cylindrical and flat heat pipes of various structures, without damaging the wick structure to maximize thermal conductivity. This process can also be removed from the wick loose particles, resulting in relatively low clean-up time, while simplifying the manufacturing process and reduce the associated costs.

A heat pipe is a self-contained with a vacuum tube in which there is some liquid for faster dissipation of heat. The principle of the heat pipe is based on the evaporation of the liquid and the condensation of the vapor.

At the point at which the heat is to be dissipated, the liquid is heated in the heat pipe, it vaporizes and rises as vapor upward to cooler area of ​​the heat pipe. There, the vapor cools, condenses and thus gives off the heat and decreases as the liquid back to the hotter region of the heat pipe.

The heat transport is therefore considerably faster than in a metallic heat sink. Thus, the heat pipe is used exclusively the heat transport to appropriate cooling devices.

Heatpipes are used in computer technology for cooling CPUs, primarily in laptops and notebooks. Because the heatpipes are too big for even smaller mobile devices such as cell phones, palmtops and handhelds, to develop structurally similar, but much smaller carbon filled nano-heatpipes for this application.