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Lord Fin Tube-Heat recovery steam generator

A heat recovery steam generator or HRSG is associate energy recovery device that recovers heat from a hot gas stream. It produces steam that may be employed in a method (cogeneration) or wont to drive a turbine (combined cycle).


HRSGs comprises four major components: the superheater, economiser, evaporator and water preheater. the various elements square measure place along to fulfill the operational necessities of the unit. See the connected illustration of a standard HRSG General Arrangement.

Modular HRSGs is classified by variety|variety} of how like direction of exhaust gases flow or number of pressure levels. supported the flow of exhaust gases, HRSGs square measure classified into vertical and horizontal sorts. In horizontal sort HRSGs, exhaust gas flows horizontally over vertical tubes whereas in vertical sort HRSGs, exhaust gas flow vertically over horizontal tubes. supported pressure levels, HRSGs is classified into single pressure and multi pressure. Single pressure HRSGs have just one steam drum and steam is generated at single force per unit area whereas multi pressure HRSGs use 2 (double pressure) or 3 (triple pressure) steam drums. {as such|intrinsically|per se|in associated of itself} triple pressure HRSGs comprises 3 sections: an LP (low pressure) section, a reheat/IP (intermediate pressure) section, associated an horsepower (high pressure) section. every section contains a steam drum associated an evaporator section wherever water is regenerate to steam. This steam then passes through superheaters to boost the temperature on the far side the one at the saturation.


Heat recovery is used extensively in energy comes.

 In the energy-rich gulf region, the steam from the HRSG is employed for desalinization plants.

Universities square measure ideal candidates for HRSG applications. they will use a turbine to provide high responsibleness electricity for field use. The HRSG will recover the warmth from the turbine to provide steam/hot water for district heating or cooling.

Large ocean vessels (e.g. Emma Maersk) create use of warmth recovery



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