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Lord Fin Tube-Method of heat transfer of finned tube

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The fin and tube heat transfer performance test tubes, convection heat transfer coefficient of gas can be obtained by separation method. The usual separation methods used will be fin heat resistance as a constant, and the thermal contact resistance between the fin and the base pipe. For the test of heat transfer performance of the fin tube, heat transfer coefficient of the tube measurement is an important part of the. For liquid gas or steam heat exchanger, tube (gas side) of the convective heat transfer coefficient can be obtained by separation method. The separation method is usually adopted to fin heat resistance as a fixed constant, the low finned tube is acceptable. How to improve the heat transfer of finned tube, it follows the main method?

  On the outer surface of a pipe flue gas side using the extended surface, which is made of finned tube. A number of times that the actual heat transfer area of finned tube into the original light tube surface area, while the heat transfer coefficient of flue gas is still very low, but will greatly increase the heat transfer effect is reflected in the appearance of the area of the light tube, so that the whole process of heat transfer enhancement, the total quantity of heat is certain, the equipment of metal consumption decrease, increase the economic performance.

  You can use a spiral cannular finned tube heat exchanger and enhanced heat transfer method, on the surface of a steel pipe combined smooth surface but the tube axis center line into a spiral, circular or curved tube shaped spiral finned tube on, and closely connected by welding them. The fin surface increases the heat exchange area of the surface of the heat exchange tube, through which air continuously perturbed by fin convection, improve the flow velocity of edge, enhance the shell side heat transfer heat exchanger built by the finned tube.

  The key components of the heat exchange pipe is composed of base tube and the fin and tube surface, in combination with smooth surface but the tube shaft center line into a spiral, circular or curved tube shaped spiral finned tube on, compared with the straight spiral finned traditional tube, can improve the thermal stress stress condition, tube fluid flow and more wear resistant and anti erosion, thereby prolonging the service life of the spiral cannular finned pipe and equipment products.

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