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High Frequency Fin Tube for Economizer, Heater, Cooler


High Frequency Fin Tube for Economizer, Heater, Cooler Introduction 
We can manufacture highfrequency welded spiral fin tubes heater exchanger which are widely applied in electricity, petroleum, chemicals, and pharmacy industry. For example, economizer, air preheater, steam air heater, gas heater, liquid heater, steam heater, cooler, and flue gas heater.

The spiral fin tube economzier is a newly type heat transfer equipment, consisting of spiral fin tubes to overcome the serious abrasion and short service time.
Structure: consisted of a series of spiral finned tubes, the headers of inlet and outlet, bend, frame and other auxiliaries
Structure arrangement: in line/staggered arrangement

High Frequency Fin TubeHigh Frequency Fin Tube for Economizer, Heater, Cooler Technical Specifiications
High-frequency welded helical finned tube is a highly efficient heat transfer component, it consists of steel fins wrapped helically around steel pipe, and continuously welded using the high frequency electric current welding process so as to reduce the flow resistance and the metal consumpition, improve the efficiency of heat transfer equipment and operating reliability.
The heat transfer energy is more than 6-10times higher than the bare tubes.
Tube material: seamless steel, carbon steel
Fin Material: Carbon steel; stainless steel
Spiral fin tube specifications Unit: mm
Base tube OD 25-159
Base tube wall thickness 2-8
Fin thickness 0.8-2
Fin height 10-30
Fin tube pitch 5-20
Fin tube length ≤1000

High Frequency Fin Tube for Economizer, Heater, Cooler Description
High frequency welded spiral fin tubes are made by high frequency welding crabon steel or ND steel belt to the carbon steel or ND steel . tubes. ND steel spiral steel is better than cabon steel spiral tubes in terms of corrosion resistance. So ND steel spiral tubes are maind applied for heat exchanger under environment expposed to corrosion. 
High Frequency Fin Tube for Economizer, Heater, Cooler Application
Main technical advantages of our low temperature economizer 
1. The equipment body can be designed into many modules to ensure the long term and stable running;
2. The low temperature economizer manufatured by our company can guarantee the wall temperature is 5-10 ºC higher than the acid , and flue outlet temperature is 10-15 ºC higher than the wall surface temperature
3. Wall surface temperature can be adjusted according to the boiler load and fuel changer to avoird corrosion under low temperature 
4. Changer the DCS system of the existing boiler to achieve the auto and remote control by computer 


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