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Lord Fin Tube--High-frequency welded spiral finned tube

high-frequency welded spiral finned tube

High-frequency welded spiral finned tube

The introduction of South Korea advanced fin tube production line, precision manufacturing of high-frequency welded spiral finned tube products, according to the national or foreign standards and non-standard manufacturing, can fully meet customer requirements of mass production. With the high frequency resistance welding of spiral fin tube of radiating elements, the scientific arrangement of heating radiator tube type civil building make full use of the mechanism of natural convection and made the construction of radical push to promote the application of product. With high pressure, not easy to leak, heat dissipation, compact structure, saving material, industrial boilers, power station boiler is the first choice to strengthen heat transfer products. With the medium heat pipe and fuel gas boiler, the effect is better.
High frequency resistance welding series spiral finned tube is made of high temperature effect through high frequency effect, which can be melted under the influence of external force. Its characteristic is: has good metal contact surface, thermal contact resistance is close to zero, less heat loss, fin thermalization coefficient, heat transfer area, high heat transfer efficiency, the total heat transfer coefficient is 4-8 times of bare pipe, welding rate of more than 98%. Compact structure, small size, saving material advantages. High frequency resistance welding of spiral fin tube is widely used in the industries of petroleum, chemical industry, boiler, metallurgy, textile, drying, cooling, is all kinds of industrial stove, industrial furnaces, heat exchanger, heat recovery device, air cooler, heater, economizer and civil heating equipment such as the ideal heat transfer element.
Product manufacturing parameters
Product material; carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel
Pipe diameter; 25.4-114.3MM
Pipe thickness; 2.0-10MM
Pipe length; 3000-23000MM
Fin thickness; 0.8-2.5MM
Fin width; 10-25.4MM