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Lord Fin Tube-Integral copper finned tube radiator

Integral copper finned tube radiator

The integral copper finned tube heat sink has stable performance and long service life. It has stable heat transfer performance through thermal test, can be applied to various drying rooms, large and medium-sized heating systems, and has high heat exchange efficiency. It adopts integral hot-dip galvanizing to improve corrosion resistance and prolong service life.

 Integral copper finned tube radiator

The integral type pure copper finned tube heat sink is not easy to accumulate dust. The reason for the accumulation of ash is mostly caused by the Karman vortex gap. The more ash accumulation will affect the steam flow rate in the base pipe, which will affect the heat exchange efficiency of the steam. After the overall hot-dip galvanizing, the gap of the heat-dissipating pipe is reduced, and it is difficult to form a dead space of ash to affect the heat exchange efficiency.

The overall shape of the copper finned tube heatsink is more uniform. After hot-dip galvanizing, the base pipe and the fin are integrally formed, the structural stress is consistent, the performance is stable, and the fin has a dune shape, which is consistent with the temperature gradient shape when heated, and the outer surface temperature of the fin is uniform when heated, and the thermal stress is uniform. , will not produce concentration, it will not produce weak points of strength, so that the heat transfer effect is more ideal.




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