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Lord Fin Tube-Laser welding finned tube

Laser welding finned tube is a relatively stable product

Laser welding finned tube is a finned tube product with mature and stable technology. It has some advantages:

1. The thickness of the base tube can be, and the thickness of the fin can be 0.3-1mm, saving material costs.

2. High penetration rate, can stop crevice corrosion, prolong service life and reduce heat transfer resistance.

3. Different materials can be used for processing.

4. It is easy for secondary processing and can be directly coiled and bent.

5. The welding heat-affected zone is small and the metallographic change is small, making it possible to process small-diameter finned tubes.

The stainless steel finned tube is mainly made of 304 stainless steel in the process of production. It is mainly used for heat exchange between two media during use. 304 stainless steel finned tube has excellent technology and excellent performance. It is a boiler, Alternative products for heat exchange in power generation, petrochemical, HVAC, refrigeration, air conditioning and other industries, and waste heat recovery and utilization. The stainless steel finned tube can effectively improve the efficiency of its heat exchanger when in use, to a certain extent, effectively extend its life, reduce the volume and save materials. The integral rolled fin tube has no contact thermal resistance and good heat transfer performance , High strength, heat resistance and mechanical vibration, good thermal expansion performance

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