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Lord Fin Tube--Low thread finned tube

Low thread finned tube
First, the principle and characteristics
1, the principle
Low-threaded finned tube is an ordinary heat transfer tube by rolling in the outer surface of the formation of thread fins of a highly efficient heat transfer tube, the structure shown in Figure:
The strengthening of this tube is outside the tube. The enhancement of the medium on the one hand is reflected in the increase in the heat transfer area of ​​the thread fins. On the other hand, when the shell-shaped medium flows through the surface of the threaded pipe, the surface fins divide the laminar edge layer, The thickness of the layer. And the surface formation of the turbulence is stronger than the light pipe, further thinning the thickness of the boundary layer. The combined effect of the tube, so that the tube has a high heat transfer capacity. When this tube is used for evaporation, it can increase the number of bubbles on the unit surface to improve the boiling heat transfer capacity; when used for condensation, the thread fin is very conducive to the lower end of the tube condensate dripping, Thin, thermal resistance reduction, improve the heat transfer efficiency of condensation.
2, features ⑴ lower processing costs; ⑵ wide application. The shell side of the media evaporation, condensation, gaseous heat transfer, liquid flow heat have enhanced; Second, the application of the occasion as long as the shell side of the media is relatively clean, no corrosion, no scaling, can be used low-threaded finned tube for heat transfer Components, the formation of low-threaded finned tube efficient heat exchanger.

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