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Lord Fin Tube-Which material finned tube is common used in the market?

Which material finned tube is more commonly used in the market?

The most mainstream finned tubes on the market today are steel finned tubes, copper-aluminum composite finned tubes, copper finned tubes, and aluminum finned tubes, while cast iron finned tubes have withdrawn from the market stage.

steel finned tube

1, steel finned tube

Light weight, high pressure, low production energy consumption, beautiful appearance, more styles, more colors, full water maintenance can extend the service life. However, it is worth noting that steel finned tubes are prone to oxidation and corrosion in the presence of oxygen. There is a strict requirement for oxygen content in open boilers and water. Therefore, water maintenance should be carried out during the heating period. If the maintenance is not good, the finned tubes will be very It is so corroded that the problem of water leakage in the finned tube finally occurs. Consumers who use open heating systems should carefully select steel finned tubes.

2, copper finned tube

Not afraid of corrosion but the price is more expensive. Copper finned tubes are chosen by many consumers because they are not afraid of corrosion and have a long service life. Copper has good thermal conductivity, fast heat dissipation, high efficiency, and is convenient for room temperature regulation. In addition, the copper finned tube has a compact shape, which occupies a small space, is highly efficient, and is energy-saving.

3, aluminum finned tube

The utility model has the advantages of small size, fast heat dissipation efficiency, good anti-oxidation and corrosion performance, but is easily corroded by alkali, and must be internally corroded, and there are not many users currently used.

4, copper-aluminum composite finned tube

The utility model has the advantages that the ventilation component and the heat dissipation component in the fin tube are separately treated, the corrosion resistance of the copper material is long, the aluminum material is light in weight, good in heat conduction and easy to form. The copper pipe is used as the water-passing component, and the corrosion resistance is strong, which can ensure the service life is higher than the service life of the ordinary steel pipe used in the heating system; the copper pipe is the water-passing component, which can achieve higher pressure bearing capacity and improve the finned pipe. Work pressure. The copper-aluminum composite finned tube is made of aluminum as a heat dissipating component, which has low density, easy forming, light weight and no fear of corrosion, but the style is less, the color is mostly white, and the long-distance transportation is easily deformed.

Through the above analysis of the radiator manufacturer, we know that although there are many types of finned tubes, it is necessary to be cautious when selecting finned tubes. The finned tubes of different materials should be selected according to actual requirements, and the quality and performance of the finned tubes should be considered. From the current market situation, steel finned tubes and copper-aluminum composite finned tubes have good effects and can beautify the home environment, which is more and more popular among users.

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