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Seamless Tube for boilers and superheaters

Seamless Tube for boilers and superheaters standard:

ASME SA106—Seamless carbon steel nominal pipe for high temperature

ASME SA179—Seamless cold drawn low carbon steel pipes for heat exchangers and condensers

ASME SA192—Seamless carbon steel boiler tubes for high pressure

ASME SA210—Seamless medium carbon steel pipes for boilers and superheaters

ASME SA213—Seamless ferritic and austenitic alloy steel tubes for boilers, superheaters and heat exchangers

ASME SA335—Seamless ferritic alloy steel nominal pipe for high temperature

DIN17175—Seamless steel pipe made of heat-resistant steel

EN10216-2-Non-alloy steel and alloy steel pipe with specified high temperature performance

GB5310—Seamless steel tubes for high-pressure boilers

GB3087—Seamless steel tubes for low and medium pressure boilers

Seamless Tube for boilers and superheaters as per GB3087, GB/T 5310, DIN17175, EN10216, ASME SA-106M, ASME SA192M, ASME SA209M, ASME SA -210M, ASME SA -213M, ASME SA -335M, JIS G 3456, JIS G 3461, JIS G 3462 and so on. Products will be used for the heating surface of high temperature boiler, economizer, header, superheater, reheater and for petrochemical industry etc.

Usage Specification Steel Grade
Seamless Steel Tube for High Pressure Boiler GB/T 5310 20G25MnG15MoG15CrMoG12Cr1MoVG
High Temperature Seamless Carbon Steel Nominal Pipe ASME SA-106/
Seamless Carbon Steel Boil Pipe used for High Pressure ASME SA-192/
Seamless Carbon Molybdenum Alloy Pipe used for Boiler and Superheater ASME SA-209/
Seamless Medium Carbon Steel Tube & Pipe used for Boiler and Superheater ASME SA-210/
SA -210M
Seamless Ferrite and Austenite Alloy Steel Pipe used for Boiler, Superheater and Heat Exchanger ASME SA-213/
Seamless Ferrite Alloy Nominal Steel Pipe applied for High Temperature ASME SA-335/
Seamless Steel Pipe made by Heat-resistant Steel DIN 17175 St35.8St45.815Mo313CrMo4410CrMo910
Seamless Steel Pipe for
Pressure Application
EN 10216 P195GHP235GHP265GH13CrMo4-510CrMo9-1015NiCuMoNb5-6-4X10CrMoVNb9-1