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Lord Fin Tube-Single Row Flat Finned Tubes

Single Row Flat Finned Tubes

We manufacture and supply Finned Tubes with required specifications according to the industrial standards. We offer wide range of Single Row Flat Finned Tube Heat Exchangers that is reckoned in the industry for its unmatched quality.

The current state-of-the-art is using a single row flat finned tube bundles tubes with strongly elongated tube cross section. As compared to the multi-row arrangement single row heat exchangers have the following advantages:

1. less auxiliary power

2. optimal resistance against freezing

3. less weight

4. less cost for equal thermal performance

These tubes are formed from 1.5mm thick carbon-steel sheets, which are plated on the tube outside by a layer of 0.05mm Aluminum. Aluminum fins are brazed on the long side to the tube. Finning and the entire rest of tube bundle manufacturing are done in our workshop.

Single Row Flat Fin Tube Specificiation
Single Row Flate Fin Tube

Single Row Flat Finned Tubes
Single Row Flat Fin Tube
Item Specification Customer Fill in
1 Finning Type Brazing  
2 Fin Material Aluminum 3003  
3 Tube Material SPCC  
    Figure Unit Tolerance(mm) Figure Unit Tolerance (mm)
4 Tube section dimension 220*19.1 mm 220 +/- 1,
19.1 +/ -0.3
5 Tube wall thickness 1.5 mm -0.2 ~ + 0.2   mm  
6 Fin dimension: 200*19.1 mm 200 +/- 1,
19.1 +/ -0.3
7 Fin thickness 0.25 mm -0.05 ~ + 0.05   mm  
8 Fin pitch 2.3 mm ± 0.15   mm  
9 Height 57.3 mm +0.6/ -0.3   mm  
10 Tube length 3 ~ 12 M -0 ~ + 6   M  
11 Quantity No limited PCS None   PCS

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