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Lord Fin Tube--Stainless steel corrugated pipe

Stainless steel corrugated pipe

Stainless steel corrugated pipe is a new type of high efficiency heat exchange pipe, which has the advantages of strong corrosion resistance, long life, no pitting, cheap price and so on.
High heat transfer coefficient
Heat transfer coefficient is an important technical index of heat transfer equipment, and heat transfer enhancement of heat transfer surface is an effective measure to improve the heat transfer coefficient. Corrugated tubes for heat exchanger of heat transfer enhancement is through its unique thin wall corrugated pipe to achieve, the corrugated tube is a by the size of the arc tangent continuity, both inside and outside the form such as corrugated thin-walled tube, of the elevation difference between the wave crest and trough the fluid strongly disturbed, the disturbance from the 3D motion of the fluid inside and outside, so the disturbance degree of more intense and thorough, even if the fluid velocity is very low, also can make it a turbulent state, and thin wall temperature gradient is small, greatly decrease the pipe wall resistance, to raise the tube inside and outside heat transfer coefficient, so that the total heat transfer coefficient increases with the increase of. General of water - water heat transfer in terms of up to 1500-3500Kcal / square meters.H. DEG C, steam - water up to 2500-5000 kcal / square meters.H. DEG C, the heat exchange efficiency is generally tubular heat exchanger three times.
High temperature resistance, can withstand a large temperature difference, pressure difference
Although the wall is very thin (0.5-0.8mm), because it uses a special free forming process and unique circular arc shape, so that its pressure capacity is greatly improved, laboratory measured wave section tube one-way failure pressure is generally about 20Mpa, the actual use of pressure control in the following 6.4Mpa is also very safe. At the same time, the corrugated tube heat exchanger adopts stainless steel material can adapt to the higher operating temperature, the highest up to 450, and the corrugated pipe is a kind of flexible component, with a certain thermal compensation capacity, the large working temperature difference condition, good adaptability, equipment, thermal stress is small, compared with the common tube has obvious advantages.
Antiscaling, descaling function
Fouling, corrosion and blockage of heat exchanger is a difficult problem, especially in the case of poor water quality, water treatment effect, and easy to produce fouling in gas medium. Mild change heat exchanger function decreased, conditions deteriorate, resistance increases, increasing energy consumption, severe for heat exchanger blocked cannot run, so for heat exchanger maintenance, cleaning or refreshing the workload increases.
Corrugated tube of stainless steel corrugated tube heat exchanger, due to the use of the stainless steel high-quality materials, corrosion itself is more important, and the special waveform corrugated tube, turbulent medium scouring the inner and outer surface of heat exchanger tube, the dirt is difficult to accumulate in the surface, even if the scale, due to the corrugated tube is a flexible element, by the temperature role in the work process, the corrugated tube curvature of each part of the constantly changing, although the curvature changes caused by the deformation is not large, but dirt and metal bellows expansion coefficients vary greatly, so the dirt and corrugated tube surface will produce a larger the pulling force, enough to make the dirt off the automatic cleaning, automatic descaling, especially it is a tube and other heat exchangers can be compared.
The stress distribution is uniform and the corrosion resistance is strong.
Because of the special forming process, the wave tube is formed by "free" or "soft" ". Characteristics of the technology is in the forming process, the deformation is not due to the formation of metal in the mould of the forced flow, but a free flowing process or as a "soft" forming process, the forming process due to the absence of force deformation, will not cause stress concentration, residual stress, stress evenly distributed, no intergranular imperfection, so it has very strong resistance should stress corrosion ability.
Long service life, reasonable price

Due to the ultra thin wall stainless steel material, on the one hand to improve the products service life, but also greatly reduce the weight of the product, saving the material, but also due to the operation and maintenance costs of the reduction, the reduction of the cost of the product, the performance of the product price ratio of a substantial increase in economic benefits.