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Lord Fin Tube-- SA 268 UNS44660 (super ferritic material)

This has reference to our conversation for one of our requirement for Seamless tubes.


Request you to kindly give your competitive offer for the same as per below details:


Grade : SA 268 UNS44660 (super ferritic material)


Size : 19.05 O/D * 1.65 mm thick * 13000mm long- 588 Nos


Let me know if you require any further details from my end for the same.

UNS44660 Super Ferritic Alloyed SS Condenser Tubing

In Power Station Equipments, The choice ofcondenser tubes is vital to the investment and maintenance costs of the whole equipments.T.S. are going to forecast the direction of the market of application of superferritic stainless steel tubes in condensers and analysis the advantages ofsuper ferritic stainless steel tubes

compared with normal austenitic stainlesssteel tubes and titanium tubes from the aspects of chemicalcompositions,anti-corrosion capabilities, physical properties and mechanicalproperties of super ferritic stainless steel tubes.

Chemical Composition:

S44660 super ferritic stainless steel tube istheir high contents of Chromium and Molybdenum, and it has Titanium and niobiumas stabilizing elements. The organization of material makes them with highstrength properties, good elongation and low rate of work hardening.

Characteristics of material:

Super ferritic stainless steel is a kind ofalloy be used for anti-pitting corrosion,crevise corrosion and stress corrosionunder the environment of chloride.

It has good heat conductivities,highanti-chloridion corrosion and marine life corrosion, extremely high modulus ofelasticity,high fatigue strength and hardness impact attack resistance,coefficient of linear expansion will be the same as carbon steel and unit pricewill be equal or economic than titanium tubes.

Weldability to other stainless steels Compared with Titanium, No easier to havehydrogen brittleness phenomenon.