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Lord Fin Tube-Technical Requirements for Finned Piping

This specification covers external, high frequency resistance welded fins on pipes for use in catalyst withdrawal line to reduce the catalyst temperature, flare line, process line to reduce /increase temperature.
Scope of Supply
scope shall include supply of finned pipe spools of required lengths as per data sheets / specifications etc. attached with this MR. Base pipe for the finned pipe shall be as per Schedule for the Finned Pipe (A545-111-16-43-3389) and fins shall be high frequency resistance welded on the base pipe.
Bidder to note that no. of finned pipes/ spools shall be decided based on cut lengths in isometrics and with minimum 50 mm non finned pipe on both ends (Bevel Ends). Bidder to note that preliminary Piping Isometrics provided with MR are for spool planning only.
Final Piping isometrics marked up with finning pipe spools shall be provided to successful bidder for compliance..
Bidder shall provide finned pipe spools excluding fittings, flanges, supports etc. Also at branch, support locations as per the isometrics, suitable space to be left in finning and no finning is required at such locations.
Finned Pipe Specification
Finned pipe shall be as per schedule for finned pipe (A545-111-16-43-DS-3389) attached with the MR.
Pipe with beveled ends shall be in accordance with ASME B16.25. Weld contours shall be as follows:
Material Wall Thickness Weld Contour
Carbon Steel (Except
Low Temp. Carbon
Up to 22 mm Figure 2 Type A
> 22 mm Figure 3 Type A
Alloy Steel,
Stainless Steel &
Low Temp. Carbon Steel
Up to 10 mm Figure 4
> 10 mm & Up to 25 mm Figure 5 Type A
> 25 mm Figure 6 Type A
All 1Cr-½Mo and 1¼Cr-½Mo seamless pipes shall be normalised and tempered.
Bidder to note that for pipes with H2 service, following hardness testing requirements of ASME B
31.12 shall be followed-
Hardness test shall be performed with a portable hardness tester where specified in accordance
with ASTM A833 or ASTM E10. The maximum hardness allowed shall be as specified under-
CS :200 BHN
< 2% Cr :225 BHN
2.25% < Cr < 10% :241 BHN
Weldment those do not meet the hardness test requirements (hard welds) shall be removed and replaced. Additional heat treatment to correct hardness of weldment is permissible provided it is supported by approved WPS and final hardness testing after heat treatment confirms that required hardness has been achieved.
Other Technical Requirement
For finning specifications refer schedule for finned pipes (A545-111-16-43-DS-3389) and Datasheet for finned pipe (A545-161-02-DS-PR000080).
Fin material shall be equivalent to pipe material.
All attachments in MR e.g. Technical Requirement for Finned Piping, Datasheets, Schedule for
Finned Pipes, Inspection Requirement etc. are to be complied by the bidder.
Finned pipes shall be shipped in wooden crates lined with plastic sheets from inside. Pipes shall
be banded together and separated from each other by wooden blocks. Both ends of the pipes
shall be protected with wood, metal or plasctic cover.
are received in rust and corrosion free, damage free and good condition at site.
Bidder to note that finned pipe shall be hydrostatically tested as per applicable standard after finning by bidder only.
The requirement of documentation for review / information / record of Purchaser shall be as per A545-111-16-43-VDR-3389.
Each pipe shall be marked with Tag No. followed by serial no of that cut length as marked in Isometrics.
Bidder Shall clearly indicate all deviations and exceptions seperately at one place with reasons for seeking deviations and highlight the corresponding clauses for the attached documents/specifications, standards of this Material Requisition.

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