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Lord Fin Tube--Tips on economizer

Tips on economizer

Economizer, is in the rear of the boiler flue. The boiler feedwater heating to heat the drum surface saturated with water under pressure. Because it absorbs is relatively low smoke and reduce the flue gas exhaust temperature, save energy, improve efficiency, so called economizer. Here Xiaobian for you to open a mystery economizer, allowing you to see through it.

Economizer economizer reason is because in the boiler (drum boiler) startup process, because of its soda circulation pipeline has not been established that the boiler feedwater at a standstill, this time inside the water economizer is not flowing state, as the boiler combustion strengthen and improve the flue gas temperature, the water economizer within prone to vaporization, so that local economizer is in over-temperature condition. in order to avoid this situation, from a centralized under the drum of water followed by a duct to the economizer inlet, as recirculation piping, the water is flowing economizer state avoid vaporization. After my explanation economizer you have a deeper understanding of it!