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Lord Fin Tube--Types of heat exchangers

Types of heat exchangers

The shell and tube heat exchanger is composed of a shell and tube bundle which contains a lot of tubes. As a kind of traditional standard heat exchange equipment, shell and tube heat exchangers are widely used in chemical, oil refining, petrochemical, power, nuclear power and other industrial devices, especially in high temperature and high heat exchangers. The working pressure is usually 4 MPa, the working temperature is below 200, and it can reach higher pressure and temperature in some cases. The general case of the shell is 1800 mm in diameter, and the length of the pipe is 9 meters, and it has a larger or longer.
Shell and tube heat exchanger according to the structure characteristics is divided into fixed tube plate heat exchanger, heat exchangers, U type heat exchanger, double tube heat exchanger, stuffing type heat exchanger and double tube plate heat exchanger
shell and tube heat exchanger