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Lord Fin Tube--Waste heat recovery boiler

Waste heat boiler also called waste heat recovery boiler, is the use of a variety of device which produces a high-temperature exhaust gas to heat water and generate steam or hot water (i.e. waste heat steam boiler, hot water boiler), and then produce steam or hot water, finally achieve waste heat reusing.

Waste heat boiler belongs to energy saving and environmental protection projects. it reduces the waste emissions, greatly reducing the environmental pollution, when the heat of a certain recovery.

The industrial production turned out to be discharged out of the high temperature heat is used to heat the boiler, then can used for the generation of electricity, also can be used for warming. 

Coal boiler is the fuel burning coal, coal heat by the conversion, produce steam or into hot water, but not all of the energy conversion, there is a part of the non industrial consumption, so that the efficiency of the problem, the general capital boiler efficiency is higher, 60 - 80%. Coal fired boiler is mainly composed of coal powder preparation system, burner, heating surface, air preheater, and so on.