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Lord Fin Tube--Welded Helically Finned Tubes

Welded Helically Finned Tubes

Completely Welded Helically Finned Tubes
Finned tubes are important parts of heat recovery boilers, economizers and many other industrial heat exchangers applications. They are available with solid/plain or serrated fins. All finned tube data can be design to the client specific requirements and specific flue/gas characteristics: serrated fins are mainly used for clean applications such as natural gas firing and solid fins where dusty or abrasive conditions exist will be better.
T.S. Industrial Co.,Ltd have been great successful in producing helical fintubes using high Frequency Electric Resistance Welded. All finned tubes are fully welded fin to tube designs and are available in a wide variety of material combinations and dimensions.
All finned tubes are subjected to full range of inpection and quality checks to assure they meet the client requirements. Additionally all materials are tracked through the process to provide a thorough record of material and process traceability.
T.S. Industrial Co.,Ltd quality assurance system has been audited and certified in accordance with the requirements of quality control system. Regular re-audits are performed to enable us to improve our quality standards continuously.
Helically Finned Tubes include solid finned tube and serrated finned tube
Serrated Finned Tube