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Lord Fin Tube_Air Cooled Heat Exchangers2

The AIR COOLED HEAT EXCHANGERS are the device for rejecting heat from a fluid or gas directly to ambient air. Process cooling with air as cooling medium is used successfully in many industry branches and becomes more important with steadily increasing costs for cooling water, In addition, the problems associated with treatment and disposal of water have become more costly with government regulations and environmental concerns.

The applications for air cooled heat exchangers cover a wide range of industries and products, however generally they are used to cooler gases and liquids when the outlet temperature required is greater than the surrounding ambient air temperature.


Gas compressor packages

Gas transmission facilities

Engine cooling

Condensing of gases (propane, refrigerants, etc.)

Steam condensers (used in power plants & process applications)

Industrial uses:

- Bakeries to preheat ovens and provide steam for other equipment.

- Hospitals to provide steam for sterilization and for cooling high tech equipment that produces heat.


Petro Chemical plants

These Air Cooled Type Heat Exchangers are used in oil, gas, petrochemical, refinery, power and condensation plants. All type of fluids in process industries are cooled in Air Fin Coolers with the use of atmospheric air, as the cooling media which resulting in economy in running costs. They are used for high pressure, high temperature applications in process industries with metallurgy suitable for highly corrosive fluid medias. We are specialized in to design and manufacturing of AIR COOLED HEAT EXCHANGER, using in-house manufactured finned tubes.

Condensers,Vacuum Condensers,Evaporators,Rising Film Evaporators,Re-boilers,Beer Columns,Heaters

Codes and Standards

ASME, TEMA, HEI, API, Coast Guard

Materials of Construction

Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel,Brass,Copper,Cupro-Nickel,Hastelloy,Alloy 20,


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