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Lord Fin Tube-Corrugated steel pipe

Corrugated steel pipe enhanced heat transfer technology is used to enhance heat transfer without phase change and condensation. The corrugated or spiral shape of the inner and outer surface of the Corrugated steel pipe, the core heat transfer element, disturbs the liquid flow passing through the inner and outer surface of the tube, enhances the turbulence degree of the fluid, reduces the thickness of the laminar boundary layer, and promotes the convective heat transfer of the fluid inside and outside the tube; At the same time, the increase of turbulence degree also helps to avoid the deposition of fouling on the wall of heat exchange tube, which can delay the scaling of equipment.

Compared with the traditional smooth tube heat exchanger, it has the advantages of small equipment volume, less operation and maintenance workload, and has good energy-saving effect. It is an energy-saving product promoted by the Ministry of science and technology.

The application scope of Corrugated steel pipe heat exchanger series products covers chemical fertilizer, soda ash, oil refining, petrochemical, coal chemical, thermal power, urban heating and other industries

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