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Lord Fin Tube--Extruded aluminum fin tube Technical Features

Extruded aluminum fin tube Technical Features

Extruded aluminum fin tube technology features, the use of the base pipe sleeve in the form of tubes, and (base tube may be carbon steel, stainless steel, copper) through extrusion machine to form a fin, the fin base and the tube wall close fit, higher heat transfer coefficient, excellent heat transfer performance.

Finned tube finned smooth burr, no wrinkles, beautiful and bright, easy to clean, as the air heater and cooler when the element is easy to exclude surface condensation of water in the heating and drying dust other occasions difficult knot, knot dirt, finned tube and fin cross-sectional trapezoidal, thus high strength fin and extends the cooling surface, so that the material is the greatest degree of utilization.
Extruded fin tubes of iron or copper, aluminum compound and then rolled out through the fins, with the combination of tight, small resistance, good heat transfer performance, high strength, low flow loss, corrosion resistance strong, long-term cold Hot conditions is not easy deformation, the advantages of long working life.
Overall rolling fin smooth burr, easy to clean, easy to make the fins look condensate When wet cooling in heating and air conditioning engineering, in the heat drying heating and other occasions, are anodized surface, beautiful color, , and can effectively prevent surface corrosion.
Aluminum rolling finned tube is made of aluminum rolling from whole, non-contact thermal resistance, high strength, thermal shock and mechanical vibration, thermal expansion properties, and has a considerable extension of the heat transfer surface, with this finned tubing The heat exchanger, the effect string of films ahead or around the chip heat exchangers.