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Lord Fin Tube-Spiral Fin Tube Manufacturer

Spiral Fin Tube Manufacturer

We Offers different Fin Tube for boilers: tension wound Fin Tubes, embedded Fin Tubes and extruded Fin Tubes. Tension wound Fin Tubes are formed by winding a strip made of aluminium or copper around the tube under tension. The strip winding technology provides different types of fins: L-Fin, LL-Fin, KL-Fin.

Embedded fins (G-Fins) are made by winding aluminium or copper strip into a helical groove machined on the outer surface of the tube.

Fin Tube Type and Material 

Spiral Fin Tube Manufacturer

Fin Tube Details 

Applications- G-Fin; L-Fin; LL-Fin; KL-Fin; Extruded-Fin Tubes

1) Tension wound Fin Tubes, embedded Fin Tubes and extruded Fin Tubes are main devices 

2) for air coolers and the common application fields are:

3) Heat exchangers for power plants (electric, nuclear, thermal and geothermal power plants) Steam condensate systems

4) Chemical and petrochemical industry

5) Food processing plants and refrigeration technology

6) Industrial (steel mills, incinerators, gas compression facilities). 

We are engaged in the activity of manufacturing, supplying and exporting a highly functional range of products. The products are tailored made as per the specifications given by the clients. We manufacture it using high grade raw material and advanced technology. Our products can be availed in various sizes so that customer can use it as per their choice and demand. Our gamut is tabulated below:

Fin Tubes

Aluminium Laser welding Fin Tubes

Fin Tubes for Rice Mill Heat Exchanger

Aluminium Fin Tubes

Helical Tension Wound Fin Tubes

Bimetallic Finned Tubes

Spiral Finned Tubes

Laser welding Fin Tubes

Stainless Steel Fin Tubes

Fin Tubes for Paddy Driers

Heat Exchangers

Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

Paddy Drier Heat Exchanger

Fin Tube Heat Exchanger

Rice Mill Heat Exchanger

Heat Transfer Equipments

Spiral Fin Tube Heat Exchanger

Heat Transfer Systems

Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

Industrial Heat Exchangers

Steam Coil Air Pre Heaters

Oil Coolers

Steam Radiators

Tea Drier and Sugar Mill Heat Exchanger

Finned Tube Quality Control, We are supported by sound quality testing unit which is looked after by competent team of quality analysts. The experts conduct rigorous test on Fin Tubes every stage of production. They make sure that all flaws and defects are corrected from the product to keep it completely safe for customer use. Also, high grade raw material is used by us in product manufacturing. 

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