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Finned tube industry will usher in a golden period of development

2017 Chinas finned tube industry will usher in the golden period of development. The finned tube is an energy-saving device that achieves the heat transfer between materials between two or more fluids at different temperatures. The heat is transferred from the higher fluid to the lower temperature fluid and the fluid temperature reaches the process The indicators of the heat exchange equipment, also known as heat exchangers. So that the material temperature to meet the needs of the process conditions, but also to improve energy efficiency, one of the main equipment. Fin tube industry involved in HVAC, pressure vessels, water treatment equipment, nearly 30 kinds of industries, the formation of industrial chain. With the rapid development of energy-saving technology, the type of finned tube more and more.

According to the "2013-2017 China Finned Tube Industry Development Prospects Analysis and Transformation and Analysis Report" data show that in 2010 China finned tube industry market size of 50 billion yuan, mainly concentrated in the petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, power, Central heating, refrigeration and air conditioning, machinery, food, pharmaceutical and other fields.

The field of petrochemical industry is still the largest market of finned pipe industry, the market size of 15 billion yuan; the field of power metallurgy finned tube market size of 80 billion yuan; ship industry finned tube market size of 40 billion yuan; machinery industry Finned tube market size of about 40 billion; concentrated heating industry finned tube market size of more than 3 billion yuan, the food industry has nearly 30 billion market. In addition, spacecraft, semiconductor devices, nuclear power island nuclear island, wind turbine, solar photovoltaic power generation polysilicon production and other fields require a large number of professional finned tube, these markets about 13 billion scale.

According to reports, at present, Chinas energy production ranks the forefront of the world, but the unit energy output is much lower than many countries. We can see that Chinas energy conservation potential is great. In energy consumption, industrial consumption of energy accounted for the first, this area of ​​energy utilization is very low.

National industrial boiler energy consumption accounts for about one-third of total energy consumption, industrial furnace is also the main energy-saving links. Most of the furnace energy consumption, low thermal efficiency, high emission temperature, should be the focus of the current energy. Due to low energy efficiency, industrial production of more than half of the energy consumed in vain to the atmosphere or water to go. If the waste heat can be used rationally, not only can greatly reduce the coal, oil, gas and other primary energy consumption, but also reduce the pollution of the environment. Waste heat recycling is an extremely important measure of energy conservation. Waste heat recovery and use of a number of specific methods and devices, such as waste heat boiler, thermoelectric power supply, wall heat exchange. In recent years, the use of heat pipe components composed of heat exchangers recovery waste heat, the effect is significant.

Study the production, consumption, import and export of finned tubes in the Chinese market, focus on the global and local finned tube manufacturers that play an important role in the Chinese market, and present the key indicators such as sales volume, income, price, gross profit margin, market share, etc. of these manufacturers in the Chinese market. In addition, this paper also makes an in-depth analysis on the segmentation growth of medium finned tube products, such as different types of medium finned tube products, prices, sales, revenues, and market sales of finned tubes in different applications. The historical data is from 2017 to 2021, and the forecast data is from 2022 to 2028.