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The difference among the flange, blind disk and tube sheet

Flange is a part of pipe to pipe connection. The flange is used for the connection between pipe ends, and the flange on the equipment inlet and outlet is also used for the connection between two equipment. Flange connection is to fix two pipes, pipe fittings or equipment on a welding joint. Between the two welding, add flange pad, bolt together, complete the connection.

Blind disk also called flange cover, and some are also called blind flange or pipe plug. The blind plate is a flange without hole in the middle, which is used to block the pipe orifice. The function of the blind plate is that the pipe is at the end, and it is not allowed to extend forward. The blind plate is fixed on the flange with bolts to play the role of sealing. Its function is similar to that of the head, but different from that of the head, the head is welded and is not ready to be opened again. The blind plate can be removed at any time.

The tube sheet is not blind from the appearance, and the blind hole is solid in the middle of the edge. In fact, the tube sheet is to make some holes slightly larger than the tube on the blind plate, put the steel tube through, and then fix it by welding.