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Lord Fin Tube--Heat pipe economizer

What is heat pipe economizer?

The heat pipe economizer is an essential part of modern boilers. Its role is to use the heat of the flue gas at the tail of the boiler to heat the boiler water supply and reduce the heat loss of flue gas. This product is an energy-saving and environmental protection equipment that replaces the old cast iron tube economizer.

The heat pipe economizer adopts gas water double isolation, with good sealing performance, safety and reliability, and long service life. It is a supporting product for oil, gas and coal fired boilers. It is a new type of high efficiency and low resistance economizer, which is used to recover the waste heat of boiler flue gas and heat water supply. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, small volume and light weight.

The heat pipe economizer can recover the heat of flue gas. The recovered heat can be used as boiler make-up water and domestic water, or the heated air can be used as boiler combustion air or drying materials, or hot water can be generated for production, saving fuel costs, reducing production costs, reducing waste gas emissions, and saving energy and environmental protection. The reconstruction investment will be recovered in 3-8 months, with remarkable economic benefits.

Heat pipe economizerAdvantages of heat pipe economizer:

1. The heat pipe economizer has high heat exchange efficiency: the main heat conduction element of the heat pipe economizer is the heat pipe. The heat pipe conducts heat by absorbing and releasing the vaporization potential when the working medium changes phase, as well as by flowing the working medium. The heat conductivity is very high. Its heat conductivity is 2000 times that of the same silver and 6000 times that of the purple tube.

2. The heat pipe economizer has good isothermal performance: the pressure difference between the saturated steam in the inner chamber of the heat pipe from the evaporation section to the condensation section is very small, so the temperature difference of the whole heat pipe is very small (only about 1 ° C). The wall temperature of the heat pipe working ground is high, far from the acid dew point and low temperature corrosion area, which fundamentally avoids the occurrence of condensation corrosion and metropolis, greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the equipment, and does not require frequent dust removal, which is convenient.

3. Low flow resistance of heat pipe economizer: because the heat pipe economizer is compact in design structure, flexible in heat exchange mode, small in volume, light in weight, small in land occupation, and with flue gas loss of only about 300pa, it is very suitable for waste heat recovery of flue gas of all types of boilers.

4. The work of the heat pipe economizer is safe and reliable: because the heat pipe does not require power, has no moving parts, and does not generate noise, the cold and hot fluids flow outside the pipe, and are completely separated by the partition. Single heat pipe works independently without mutual influence. The heat exchange occasions of flammable, explosive, corrosive, dusty and other fluids have high safety and reliability, and have a long service life, which is also the main reason that the heat pipe can be used for waste heat recovery.

5. The wall temperature of the heat pipe economizer is adjustable and controllable: for the highly corrosive flue gas, the heat pipe wall temperature can be controlled by adjusting the heat transfer area of the evaporation section and the condensation section, so that the heat pipe can avoid the corrosion area as much as possible and away from the acid dew corrosion of the flue gas. Therefore, the use of the heat pipe economizer can thoroughly solve the low temperature corrosion problem of the boiler, and further reduce it significantly.

Heat pipe economizer divided into two major categories, one is industrial, the other civil.

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Heat pipe economizer