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Lord Fin Tube-Package Boiler Economizer, HRSG Economizer

Package Boiler Economizer

TS has unique manufacturing capabilities that the TS engineers take full advantage of when designing sulfuric acid plant economizers and superheaters. Often this allows the TS units to be configured for higher heat transfer efficiencies which results in a reduced surface area requirement and, consequently, a lower-priced product.

TS utilizes its on-site capabilities to fin and bend the tubes, machine and fabricate the headers, drill the tubesheets, cut and prep all casing materials, and perform all of the pressure part and casing welds. This gives TS more control of the manufacturing sequence and schedule which has helped us achieve a remarkable record of on-time delivery performance.

Blast Furnace Gas (BFG) Fired Boiler Product Features

1、High efficiency :dual swirling burner and refractory lining in combustion area, to ensure high combustion temperature; ower excess air coefficient and sealing furnace completely to ensure over 88% heat efficiency.

2、Simplified burner, air&gas system:self-developed dual-swirling BFG burner, arranged in front wall (for 75-180t/h), or front & rear wall(over 200t/h), each burner has capacity upto 2.5x10Nm/h,effectively simplify boiler system for easy operation and maintenance, and save investment cost.

3、Turn-down ratio: low-load stable combustion, minimum 25% of load could be achieved with pure BFG combustion by reasonable arrangement of the self-developed dual-swirling BFG burner and refractory lining in combustion zone.

4、Fuel Flexibility:BFG,COG,LDG,NG,or even HFO can be mixed together for combustion.

5、Reasonable heating surface arrangement:evaporation convection heating surface can be arranged in proper location to reduce economizer outlet boiling degree; spiral fin tubes can be used on economizer to increase maintenance space.

HRSG Economizer

Economizers for todays HRSG modules are configured with fintubes that hang vertically. TS has fabricated economizer coils for virtually all of the HRSG OEM companies and understands the unique features of each. In many cases, utilities desire to upgrade their economizers from plain carbon steel to an alloy material to help resist flow accelerated corrosion (FAC) inside the headers and tube bends.

TS is a one-stop shop for economizer fabrication because we prep all the materials and perform all of the pressure part and attachment welding, from finning the fintubes, fabricating the headers, and assembling the coil bundle. This eliminates the need for your inspector to travel to multiple shops and cities to perform quality audits. And if you need economizer subcomponents such as headers, bent stubs, or replacement fintubes.

Circulating Fluidized Bed(CFB )Boiler

1、High & large furnace design,Prolonging the coal partiches’troughput time in furnace,to effectively reduce the carbon content of fly ash and manage the combustion condition;

2、Involute cyclone wish high separating efficiency, lining internally with abrasion-proof material fixed by intensive metal pins, to realize the quick start-up&shut-down and save the cost of refractory material;

3、Carbon content of fly ash less than 8%;

4、Turn down ratio 30%;

5、Typical nozzle type and proper nozzle arrangement, to discharge the large-particle ash slag in time;

6、Adopting reliable abrasion-proof structure for rear heat surface,to effectively minimize the contradict between abrasion and soot formation;

7、Multiple optimized design to prevent from abrasion and coking, reliable sealing and expansion system setting etc., to assure the performance parameters and structure of boiler.

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