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Lord Fin Tube--Seamless Duplex Tube as per SA789-S31803 or SA210-A1

Seamless Duplex Tube

Duplex stainless steel pipe has good weldability. Compared with ferritic stainless steel and austenitic stainless steel, it is neither like the weld heat affected zone of ferritic stainless steel, nor is it sensitive to weld hot crack as austenitic stainless steel.

Duplex stainless steel is widely used in petrochemical equipment, seawater and wastewater treatment equipment, oil pipeline, paper machinery and other industrial fields because of its special advantages. In recent years, duplex stainless steel has also been studied and applied in the field of bridge load-bearing structure, which has good prospects for development.

Duplex stainless steel consists of ferrite phase and austenite phase in its quenched structure, and the content of the minimum phase may reach 30%.

OPTION A - SA789-S31803 (seamless)

1785- 19.05 x 1.651 min wt x 10,115mm Long


OPTION B – SA210-A1 (seamless)

1785- 19.05 x 2.11 min wt x 10,115mm Long

6 Sample tube pieces (300mm long) to be sent to our office ASAP for Third Party Inspection

The samples will be used for verification of the shipped material.

All samples to be from same Ht No/ batch No, Lot No... as per mill production run.

All tubes to be supplied complete with material test certificates in accordance with EN10204-3.1.

Material certificates MUST identify the original steelmaker.

Duplex Tubes to be supplied in the solution annealed condition. This must be shown on material test certificates.

Tubes can be Eddy Current tested in lieu of hydro test.

Duplex Tubes to be pickled and passivated after solution annealing.

Tubes should be PMI inspected.

Packaged & protected for sea & road freighting. ISPM15 compliant timber crates.

No origin restrictions stated in request.

Please state country of origin with your offer.

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