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Lord Fin Tube-Stainless steel tube plate flange

What is stainless steel tube plate flange?

A type of fitting known as a stainless steel tube plate flange drills a hole slightly larger than the outer diameter of the tube in the stainless steel round steel plate, penetrates the tube, and welds it to fix it. The pull-off force q between the heat exchange tube and the tube sheet is estimated according to several operating conditions with temperature difference, and one of them cannot be satisfied. The axial stresses of the shell, the heat exchange tube, and the pull-off force are also computed. Expansion joints are necessary for conditions of strength (or stability). When the thickness of the tube sheet is established and the expansion joint is not present, the strength of the tube sheet can occasionally be insufficient when performing the strength check on the fixed tube sheet. The thickness of the tube sheet can be sufficient once the expansion joint is offered. At this point, it is also possible to add an expansion joint to reduce the thickness of the tube sheet, but this should only be done after a thorough assessment of material consumption, manufacturing simplicity, safety, and economic implications.

U-shaped expansion joints are frequently utilized in fixed tube sheet heat exchangers because of their small and straightforward design, effective compensation, and affordable price.

The assembly and operation of the aforementioned chemical equipment are significantly impacted by the accuracy of the tube sheet processing, particularly the tube hole spacing and tube diameter tolerance, verticality, and smoothness. The diameter of the tube sheet has increased along with the expansion of chemical and electricity plants. 4 to 5 m diameter tube sheets are highly popular. The huge number of tube holes, density, tiny hole diameter, depth, precision, and finish requirements are the features of large tube sheets.

Stainless steel tube plate flange usage:

Tube sheets are widely used in such industries as tube heat exchangers, boilers, pressure vessels, steam turbines, and large central air conditioners.

It is mainly used in chemical containers, such as tube heat exchangers, pressure vessels, boilers, condensers, central air conditioners, evaporators, and seawater desalination. It plays a role in supporting fixed tubes. The metal material makes it not only very strong Rigid, and has great thermal conductivity.

Criteria for judging the merits of stainless steel tube plate flange

In the inspection process of the tube sheet, the main inspection indicators are the hole position, the aperture tolerance, the smoothness of the hole, the presence or absence of burrs, the slotting position, etc. For the double tube sheet, more attention is paid to the position of the hole The degree of hole fit is very important. Generally it can be guaranteed by CNC drilling machine. Compared with thick plates, the holes above 300mm, the verticality of the holes is very important. These large-diameter thick plates require more sophisticated tools and equipment. The application of special gantry machining centers will become more and more common.

Advanced stainless steel tube plate flange processing methods

In fact, a major problem that restricts tube sheet processing is equipment. In the traditional tube sheet processing, the radial drill is its main equipment. Due to its manual operation characteristics, the operation method is relatively fixed, and it is difficult to tap the potential. Although methods such as drilling dies can be used to improve efficiency, the fundamental problem cannot be solved. Only by finding a way from the device can we solve the problem fundamentally. The multi-axis CNC drilling machine has been widely used in tube hole processing abroad, and the radial drilling is no longer used. The CNC plane drilling machine can replace manual scribing and drilling, which can greatly improve the machining accuracy and efficiency. In recent years, China has also begun to localize this type of drilling machine, but the products of most manufacturers have small beds (2m ~ 3m) and few spindles (one or two). Cannot process large tube sheets. It cannot completely replace imported products. Therefore, large tube sheets (more than 7m) that require high processing accuracy can only be processed abroad. The imported CNC machine tools are expensive, have a long installation cycle, are not easy to maintain, and are not necessarily suitable for Chinas national conditions. There is an urgent need for domestic machine tool manufacturers to produce ultra-large CNC drilling machines to meet the needs of tube sheet processing manufacturers.

Stainless steel tube plate flange

Stainless steel tube plate flange