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Lord Fin Tube--Tube fin radiator

fin tube radiatoTube fin radiator

Tube fin radiator is a new type heat transfer device, which uses a with excellent technical performance of steel aluminum composite fin tube and a floating head structure of the force in order to compensate for thermal stress. Therefore, it is through thermal medium (also known as organic heat carrier or a thermal medium) as a heat transfer medium for air heating heating device, the best choice for. This year, the radiator in the textile, printing and dyeing, rubber, leather, wood processing, food processing, grain and oil, coating paint industry has been widely used, satisfactory results were obtained.
Steel aluminum composite fin tube advanced manufacturing technology, it is steel, aluminum composite in a special machine for rolling into, the steel base pipe and aluminum fin closely. It has the advantages of small resistance, good heat transfer performance, high strength, small flow loss, strong anti-corrosion performance, service life long. Floating head type structure to ensure the radiator temperature higher working environment and equipment running huge thermal stress can be effectively compensated. Tube fin type radiator can have different surface length, number of tubes and number of rows composed of a variety of specifications, the process can be factory of double flow, flow, flow and process according to the needs of users, the use of departments should be selected according to arbitrary.

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