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Lord Fin Tube--What is water coal slurry boilers?

What is water coal slurry boilers?

Coal-water slurry boiler refers to the boiler using coal water slurry as fuel, which is divided into suspension atomization coal water slurry boiler and fluidized bed coal water slurry boiler.

An overview of the advantages and disadvantages of water coal slurry boilers

Water coal slurry boiler, it is a kind of boiler. So today we come to hope through this article, let us know the water coal slurry boiler, and thus more understanding of the boiler industry.

Coal water slurry boiler is a boiler with coal water slurry as fuel, and water coal slurry, which is a kind of liquid which is mixed with coal, water and chemicals. Because of the emergence of this boiler, the traditional way to change the coal combustion, so that the environmental protection and energy saving.

Water coal slurry boiler advantages, the main contents are:

(1) Coal-water slurry boiler is good at environmental protection and energy saving, and high efficiency, the burning rate can reach more than 98%.

(2) the adjustment of the load is very convenient and can be adjusted in the range of 35% - 100%, in order to be able to achieve economic operation.

(3) Coal-water slurry boiler can effectively improve the utilization of land, can save more than 50%.

(4) Coal-water slurry boiler running costs are relatively low, and the degree of automation is very high, but also to save manpower.

However, Water coal slurry boiler also has some shortcomings, such as:

(1) the operating requirements of the operator are very high, and the technical requirements for the maintenance work are also very high, and the workload is very large.

(2) the use of the easy to consume more, and the cost of spare parts is relatively high.

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