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Lord Fin Tube-Boiler and combustion chamber

The boiler is an energy conversion device, input to the boiler energy including fuel chemical energy, electric energy, high temperature flue gas heat, after boiler conversion, output heat steam, hot water or organic heat carrier. It is used in thermal power stations, ships, locomotives and industrial and mining enterprises.
The main working principle of the boiler is that using fuel combustion released heat or waste heat of industrial production transfer to the container, so that the water reaches the required temperature or a certain pressure steam. Boiler include "vessel" and "furnace" at the same time, when the water enter into the boiler, the boiler heating surface will absorb the heat and transfer to the water, the water heated to a certain temperature and pressure hot water or generate steam. In the combustion equipment part, the fuel combustion continues to release heat, the combustion of high temperature flue gas through the heat transfer to the boiler heating surface, and its own temperature gradually reduced, and finally exhaust by the chimney
The whole structure of the boiler includes two parts: boiler body (drum), auxiliary equipment and safety device.The main parts of the boiler, such as the furnace, the drum, the burner, the water wall, the superheater, the economizer, the air preheater, the structure and the furnace wall, constitute the core part of the production steam, called the boiler body. The two main components of the boiler body are the furnace and the drum.
The furnace chamber is also called the combustion chamber, which is the space for fuel combustion. The solid fuel on the fire grate, fire bed combustion furnace called grate furnace, also known as fire bed furnace; solid fuel gas and liquid or powdered, sprayed into the combustion chamber called chamber combustion furnace, and furnace firebox; air will hold coal particles in the shape of a boiling state burning, and is suitable for burning inferior fuel furnace called the boiling furnace, also called fluidized bed furnace; the use of air flow to make the coal particle high-speed rotating cylindrical furnace and strong fire called cyclone furnace. Auxiliary equipment and safety devices including safety valve, pressure gauge, water table, water level alarm, fusible plug etc.
The boiler is an energy conversion device, the energy input to the boiler are fuel chemical energy, electrical energy, while boiler output having a certain heat steam, hot water or organic heat carrier. The original meaning refers to the pot is the fire heated water containers, furnace means the fuel combustion place, So boiler including the vessel and fire furnace two parts. Hot water or steam boiler produced directly provide the necessary heat for industrial production and peoples daily lives, but also through a steam power plant converted to mechanical energy, or through the generator converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. Hot water boiler hot water boiler is called, is mainly used for domestic, industrial production is also a small amount of application. Called steam boiler steam boiler, often referred to as boiler, used for thermal power stations, ships, locomotives and mining enterprises.