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Lord Fin Tube--Boiler classification

There are many kind of classification method to devertify the boiler. It can be divided according to the usage of the boiler. It can also be divided according to the structure and fuel type of the boiler.

1, according to the boiler uses classification;

Boiler can be used as thermal power boiler and heating boiler. Power boiler including power plant boiler, boiler and boiler, etc., corresponding to power generation, ship power and locomotive power. Steam boiler, hot water boiler, heat tube boiler, hot blast stove and carrier heating furnace etc., corresponding to be steam, hot water heating boiler. Hot air and heat carrier etc..

2, according to the boiler body structure classification;

According to the structure of the boiler, the main points of the fire tube boiler and water tube boiler. The fire tube boiler comprises a vertical boiler and a horizontal boiler, and a water pipe boiler comprises a transverse water pipe boiler and a vertical pipe boiler.

3, according to the type of Boiler Fuel Classification;

Classification of fuel type for boiler, fuel boiler, gas boiler and gas boiler, and the upgrading technology of coal - fired boiler, oil - gas boiler, boiler, gas boiler, etc.. The coal fired boiler can be divided into a layer of a boiler, a boiler and a boiler, which can be divided into a layer. The latest fuel for the alcohol based fuel boiler, he will greatly reduce the pollution of coal-fired boilers on the atmospheric environment.

4, according to the boiler capacity classification;

The amount of evaporation is less than that of 20t/h, which is referred to as small boiler, and the evaporation is greater than 75t/h called large boiler, and the evaporation rate is between the two called middle boiler.

5, according to the boiler pressure classification
The boiler below 2.5MPa is referred to as the low pressure boiler, the 6.0MPa is called the high pressure boiler, and the pressure is between the two. In addition, there are ultra high pressure boiler, subcritical boiler and supercritical boiler.

6, according to the boiler water cycle form classification
According to the boiler water cycle can be divided into natural circulation boiler and forced circulation boiler (including direct current boiler).
7, by means of the form of classification
Can be divided into quick installation boiler, boiler and bulk boiler. In addition, there are wall boiler, vacuum boiler and boiler module etc.