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Lord Fin Tube--Analysis of market competition of steel pipe industry in China

Analysis of market competition of steel pipe industry in China
1) the overall steel pipe industry market concentration is low
Because of the use of stainless steel tube for many industries, product variety, specifications, regional demand varies, so the stainless steel pipe industry in the presence of a large number of manufacturing enterprises, industry concentration is low. Chinas industrial stainless steel pipe industry in general, the competition is more intense. Currently involved in Chinas industrial stainless steel pipe market competition of manufacturing enterprises, both to the company, Jiuli, ZTE and energy for private enterprises, including to Sumitomo, Sandvik, Outokumpu etc. as representative of the foreign enterprises, as well as Huaxin steel Taiwan funded enterprises, and part of the state-owned enterprises.
2) the low-end market competition is intense, in the high-end market part of the enterprise leading
According to the steel industry survey report shows, industrial stainless steel pipe used in the low-end market, the main products are ordinary specifications of small diameter stainless steel pipe, due to the technical content of this market is low, the barriers to entry is not high, small and medium-sized steel pipe manufacturing enterprises more. Among them, there are still a large part of the OEM manufacturer, the degree of market competition is the most intense, profit level is low, and high-end stainless steel pipe industry is in short supply. In the high-end market due to the use of environmental products more stringent, and more for special steel, quality requirements more stringent, high technology content, some high-end stainless steel tube varieties such as the power plant with high alloy with large diameter and thick wall pipe, a nuclear power with special alloy tubes and stainless steel pipes, oil exploitation with special alloy with high resistance to corrosion of casing must rely on imports. High-end industrial stainless steel pipe end customers generally set the qualified suppliers, high barriers to entry, competition degree below the low-end market, with the company, long Litas material for representatives of enterprises due to the high-end market business a long time, high levels of technology and equipment, excellent product quality, with a certain brand advantage, at the same time with many large industrial customers to establish a stable and cooperative relations, so in the market has a certain competitive advantage, in a relatively dominant position.

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