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Lord Fin Tube-Corrugated Finned Tube & Extruded Finned Tubes

Corrugated Finned Tube: There are helical channels overall the tubes to supply maximum heat transfer area. Stainless steel, copper and carbon steel materials can be used. Extruded Finned Tubes: These tubes are manufactured by extrusion process. Different kinds of these tubes as aluminium finned tubes, mono-finned copper tubes are successfully used in our heat-exchangers.
High Frequency Serrated Finned Tubes: High frequency serrated finned tubes are used at high temperatures. 
Integral Low Finned Tube-Mono Finned Tube: These fins are produced on the bare tube. The thickness of the bare tube is used as a fin material. 
Plate Type Fins: These kinds of fins can be manufactured as copper and aluminium. Tubes must be expanded to supply maximum heat transfer. 
Spiral Finned Tubes: Spiral finned tubes can be used in our heat exchangers as round or eliptical shapes. Different materials may be used as fin and tube material according to our customer needs. 
Stamped Finned Tubes: Stamped fins can be manufactured in our shop by our special molds. 
Tube Bending: U tubes can be bended in our shop. 
Wire Wound Finned Tubes: Wire is spiral wounded on bare tubes. These kinds finned tubes are usually used for turbulators and compressors.
Heat treatment 
Stress relive annealing of U-tubes after bending – only for all positions with radius ≤ 100 mm
Surface condition Finished U-tubes shall be free of scale, without scratches after bending.
Dimensional tolerances U-tubes acc. to TEMA R.C.B.
Length of straight part -0/+5 mm
Flattening (also called "ovality") at the bend shall not exceed 10% of the nominal tube outside diameter.
Wall thickness in bending part acc. to TEMA RCB 2.31
Minimum tube wall thickness in the bend part (Tmin)
T(min) ≥ (SW × (2×R + D))/( 2× (R+D)
Where:    SW             is smallest wall thickness
     D                Nominal outside diameter
     R                 radius
Radius tolerance  1) for R ≤ 100 mm +/- 3 mm
         2) for R ≥ 100 mm +/- 5 mm
Straightness tolerance max. 1.5 mm per 1000 mm
U-Tube ends: plain, vertically cut to the tube axis
Repairs by welding: prohibited 
 › Air Cooled Heat Exchanger (APi 661) 
› Calorifier U-Tube Bundle (Heating Battery) 
› Charge Air Cooler 
› Chiller Barrel 
› Condenser/Evaporator/AHU Coil 
› Compressed Air After Cooler 
› Coolers for Electromotor 
› Cooling Tower Open/Close Circuit 
› Dry Coolers/Air-Condensers 
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› Rotary/Screw Air/Oil Compressor Cooler (Aluminum) 
› Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger 
› Spiral Fin Tube Oil Heater 
› Spiral Heat Exchanger 
› Spiral Oil Heating Coil 
› Standard Albraze Oil/Air Cooler (Aluminum) 
› Steam/Hot Water Heating Coil 
(Using Black Fin or Spiral Fin Tube) 
› Thermal Oil Heating Coil 
› Water to Air After Cooler 
› Waste Heat Recovery (Economizer) & etc 
ASTM B891:   Standard Specification for Seamless and Welded Titanium and Titanium Alloy Condenser and HeatExchanger Tubes With Integral Fins
ASTM A1012 Standard Specification for Seamless and Welded Ferritic, Austenitic and Duplex Alloy Steel Condenser And Heat Exchanger Tubes with Integral Fins
ASTM B924 Standard Specification for Seamless and Welded Nickel Alloy Condenser and Heat Exchanger Tubes With Integral Fins
ASTM A498 Standard Specification for Seamless and Welded Carbon, Ferritic and Austenitic Alloy Steel Heat Exchanger Tubes with Integral Fins
ASTM B359:   Standard Specification for Copper and Copper-Alloy Seamless Condenser and Heat Exchanger Tubes With Integral Fins
Fin tube (Finned tube) 
U-Tubes made acc. to drawings from cold drawn seamless steel tubes
Material of core tube can be stainless steel, carbon steel, corrosion resistant steel, copper and copper alloys, Titanium and Titanium alloys and the other materials. These products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, mechanical and electrical, light industry and pharmaceutical industries in the heating, drying, condensation and cooling equipments. 
Standard Range: Tube OD 16mm-219mm, Wall Thickness 2mm-16mm, 
Fin Height 5mm-30mm,Fin Thickness 0.5mm-4.0mm,Fin Pitch 2.8mm-50mm 
Tube Length ≤23m
Supply Range of base tube (core tube): Carbon Steel ASTM A 179, ASTM A 192, ASTM A 210 Gr. A1, ASTM A 210 Gr. C, ASTM A 106 Gr. B 
Low Alloy Steel ASTM A 209 T1, ASTM A 213 / A 199 T11/T12, ASTM A 213 / A 199 T22, ASTM A 213 / A 199 T5, ASTM A 213 / A 199 T9, ASTM A 335 P1 / A 161 T1, ASTM A 335 P11 / P12 / A 200 T22, ASTM A 335 P22 / A 200 T22, ASTM A 335 P5 / A 200 T5, ASTM A 355 P9 / A 200 T9 
Stainless Steel ASTM A 213 / A 312 TP 304, ASTM A 213 / A 312 TP 304L, ASTM A 213 / A 312 TP 321, ASTM A 213 / A 312 TP 316, ASTM A 213 / A 312 TP 316L, ASTM A 213 / A 312 TP 347, ASTM A 213 / A 312 TP 316Ti, ASTM A 289 / A 790 UNS S 31803, ASTM B 677 Alloy 904L 
Nickel ASTM B 161 Ni 200, ASTM B 161 Ni 201 
Nickel Copper ASTM B 163 N 04400 
Nickel-Chrom-Iron ASTM B 163 N 06600, ASTM B 161 N 08825, ASTM B 468 N 08020, ASTM B 163 N 08800 
Copper Alloy ASTM B 75 / B 111 No. 122, ASTM B 75 / B 111 No. 142, ASTM B 111 Ca. No. 443, ASTM B 111 Ca. No. 687, ASTM B 111 Ca. No. 608, ASTM B 111 Ca. No. 706, ASTM B 111 Ca. No. 715 
Titanium alloy GR1 GR2 GR3 GR7 GR9 GR12 GR16 GR17 ASTM B338, ASME SB338 
Aluminium AlloysASTM Alloy 1050 / 1050A, ASTM Alloy 5754, ASTM Alloy 3003, ASTM Alloy 5083, ASTM B221 6061 T6, ASTM B209 1060, 1100, 1435, 2A12, 3A21, 6A02, 6063, 6005, K70A.
Heat Exchanger Coil - Titanium Corrugated Extruded Fin Tube Dia 12.7mm - 25mm
titanium tubular heat exchanger
Titanium Seamless Tube/PipeTitanium Sponge→Compacting Electrodes →Melting →Forging→ Billet→ Extruding→ Rolling→ Straightening→ Seamless Tube
Titanium Welded Tube/PipeTitanium Sponge→Compacting Electrodes→Melting →Forging→ Slab→ Hot Rolling→ Cold Rolling→ Ti Strip →Welding →Welded Tube
ASTM B861/ B862/B337, ASME B338
Gr.1, Gr.2, Gr.3, Gr.7, Gr.9, Gr.11, Gr.12
OD. 6mm~13mm Max Length 4m
OD.13mm~114.3mm, Max Length 15m
Product detail
item heat exchanger coil-titanium corrugated tube
tube type titanium seamless tube
diameter 12.7mm----25mm
power can be the 2.5 times of normal titanium tube
function small vol but high effeciency
using chiller heat exchanger /water box /compressor/heat pump