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Lord Fin Tube--Corten steel pipe air preheater

Air preheater

1, ordinary tubular air preheater

In the medium and small power station and industrial boiler, mainly use of tubular air preheater, the preheating efficiency is high, the preheating tube is high frequency welded pipe, the cost is low, and it is easy to use.

2,Corten steel pipe air preheater

In view of coal sulfur corrosion, a kind of corrosion resistant air preheater is developed, which can improve the life of 1 times as compared with the ordinary steel tube type air preheater.

3, spiral tube air preheater

The tube, the tube, the tube with spiral grain, the gas into the tube, the tube of the spiral grain rotation operation, increasing contact time and contact area, so that the heat transfer effect is significantly improved, but due to the rotation of the stirring, the debris is not easy to plug the pipe.

4, heat pipe air preheater, air preheater according to customer requirements, provide the drawings.