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Lord Fin Tube-Duplex Steel Extruded Finned Tube

The extruded finned tube is a kind of finned tube made of iron, copper and aluminum by composite rolling. It has the advantages of tight bonding, low thermal resistance, good heat transfer performance, high strength, low flow loss, strong corrosion resistance, hard deformation under long-term cold and hot working conditions, and long service life.

The Integral rolling fin is smooth, burr-free and easy to clean. It is easy to make the fin surface condensate when it is wet-cooled in heating and air-conditioning engineering. In drying and heating and other hot-crossing occasions, the surface is anodized, and the color is beautiful and generous, and can effectively prevent surface corrosion.

Aluminum-rolled finned tube is made of the whole aluminum tube without contact thermal resistance, high strength, heat shock resistance and mechanical vibration, good thermal expansion performance, and has a considerable expansion of heat transfer surface. The heat exchanger made of the finned tube is superior to the tandem or wound fin heat exchanger.

Tube, Material: SA789-S31803, OD: 25.4mm, Wall Thickness (min.): 1.65mm,  Length: 5490mm      

Fin Type: Extruded, OD: 57.15mm, Base Thickness:0.55mm, Fin Density: 394 fin/m), Un-finned length 45/45 mm as per dwg.

Material: Aluminium SB221#1060-O       

Data Sheet & Drawings are enclosed)  

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