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Lord Fin Tube--Embedded spiral fin tube

Embedded spiral fin tube

The embedded spiral fin tube is a spiral groove with a certain width and depth in the steel tube, and the steel strip is embedded in the steel tube. In the winding process, because of certain pre tightening force, strip will tightly buckled in the spiral groove, thus ensuring the strip and tube between the contact area. In order to prevent the rebound of the steel strip, the two ends of the steel to be welded on the steel tube. In order to facilitate the mosaic, there should be a certain gap between the steel strip and the spiral groove. If the side gap is too small, the formation of a surplus, the mosaic process is difficult to proceed smoothly. In addition, the winding of the steel belt will always have a certain rebound, the results of the steel strip and spiral groove bottom surface can not be a good joint. Mosaic fins can be carried out in general equipment, but the cost is not high, but the process is complex and the production efficiency is low