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Lord Fin Tube-Extruded Copper Fin Tube

Lord fin tube produces Extruded copper Fin Tube and welded copper finned tube. Fins fit tightly, The fin is stable, High wing ratio, suitable for all kinds of heat exchangers and surface cooler. Widely used in air coolers and vacuum furnace heat exchangers.

Embedded finned tube is use of slotted embedded technology, finned from the stability, embedded firmly, pull the force of not less than 70N, the media allowable temperature up to 400 ℃, with strong temperature resistance and thermal shock resistance, widely used in petrochemical air cooler.

Product detailed:

Embedded finned tube (maximum tube length 15 meters)

Fin Height(mm): 9.5-15.8

Fin Thickness(mm): 0.45-0.5

Tube diameter(mm): 16-50

The number of sheets per inch(mm):6-10

Base Tube Material: Carbon steel and copper

Fin Material: Aluminum and copper

L-Foot Tension Wound Finned Tubes: 

Using the edge of the finned finned tube to keep the joint force in the best condition, L feet and pipe contact closely, no thermal resistance, good heat transfer performance, good corrosion resistance, less loss, thermal shock and mechanical vibration, thermal expansion, expansion of large heat transfer surface, The finned tube is made of heat exchangers and has a strong resistance to atmospheric corrosion and thermal shock resistance.

Our long-term professional to provide 304 stainless steel aluminum finned tube, stainless steel copper finned tube, aluminum L-type foot tube and other  fin tube.

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