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Lord Fin Tube-Longitudinal finned tubes

Longitudinal finned tubes inquiry, the drawing is in spanish, but I give you the main data below:

Number of Tubes: 38

Total Length of Tubes: 7239 mm

Finned Length of Tubes: 6706 mm

Unfinned Ends: 25.4 mm / 507.6 mm

Tube OD: 19.05 mm

Tube WT: 2.11 mm (BWG 14)

Tube Material: SA-179

Fin Material: AISI 1015 or F-1510 or 1.1141

10 Channel Fins (longitudinal) per tube. Material Carbon Steel

Fin Dimensions: See Drawing

Height: 5.84 mm

WT: 0.81 mm

Long: 6706 mm

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