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Lord Fin Tube-Fin tube export to indonesia

We Has a number of extrusion finned pipe and winding machine production line, has been committed to the heat exchange technology and its product development and application of the production of winding, extruded fins from the uniform, heat transfer is good, high strength , Long working life and other characteristics. Foundation from Φ12-Φ35, fin diameter up to 57CM, can also be based on user needs, processing a variety of finned tube, radiator and heat exchanger.

I plant production of finned tube is mainly used for air coolers, heat exchangers and other equipment supporting, but also for air conditioning and refrigeration, boilers, winter warm sheds, breeding and other fields, the current products sell well throughout the country, some products are exported to Indonesia, Pakistan , India and other overseas countries, won the praise of the majority of users.

Our plant with advanced production equipment and processing technology, strong technical force, detection equipment, product performance with the domestic advanced level, the quality of products living in the domestic industry-leading position. We will continue to expand energy efficiency as the goal, continue to expand the finned tube and efficient heat transfer technology applications in new areas, adhere to the "technology and development, quality of survival, to serve a benefit" Service in the community, welcomed the merchants around the country to guide our work guide.
We regularly export fin tubes export to Indonesia, different kind of finned tubes produced and exported..

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