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Lord Fin Tube--Finned pipe is to improve the heat transfer efficiency

Finned PipeThe main effect for finned pipe is to increase the heating surface (or heat), to improve the heat transfer efficiency.

Finned pipe manufacturing requirements
Weld strength and stability
1.1 pull-off force test: more than 200MPa or partially torn steel
1.2 weld width: fin thickness that is greater than the rate of weld> 99% 1.3 weld strength stability: class to do the welding coupon of 2.1 or 2.2 requirements first member
1.4 weld bending test: curved fins about 20 degrees left or right bent twice weld without crack
1.5 hammering test: Parallel to pipe tap until the upper fin fin fin itself can not break off
1.6 If the test fails annealing function must be enabled
2. Heat affected zone
Microscope with micro hardness measurement
Pipe HAZ depth of less than 0.5mm
Finned Pipe Dimensional accuracy
3.1 fin segments -1mm ~ + 1mm staging full-length motion accuracy -0.5mm ~ + 0.5mm
3.2 from -0.2mm ~ + 0.2mm
3.3 vertical fin and pipe ~ +1 -1 degree degree degree
3.4 in the same group, except the height difference fins welded flatness -0.2mm ~ + 0.2mm thickness tolerances of the fin itself
3.5 in the same group butt fin height difference -0.2mm ~ + 0.2mm fin height difference except their size tolerances,
3.6 pairs pipe center distance tolerance of -0.5mm ~ + 0.5mm
3.7 in the same pipe material, the same number of pieces from the film and under conditions consistent length changes of different finned tube welding
Finned Pipe Welding speed
Bare tube diameter of 25mm to 51mm of each pair of fin thickness 2mm welding time is less than 3 seconds (not including loading and unloading time and the annealing time) 

Finned Pipe

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