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Lord Fin Tube--Finned Tube Air Cooler

Air cooler is a kind of equipment, which uses ambient air as cooling medium go through the finned tubes to cool or condense the high temperature fluid, which short for Air coolers, also known as finned fans heat exchanger and are commonly used instead of water-cooled shell - tube heat exchangers.
With the increasing use of induction heating equipment, for the users own conditions vary, some without enough attention on the water cooling system of equipment, some users did not apply the requirement of using distilled water, water quality water has great influence in the actual work of cooling system and components, While if using of air cooling there are many advantages.

The reason for using the finned tube: the heat transfer inside the pipe is very strong, convective heat transfer coefficient of about 5800 W / (m2 ℃), and if no fins, tube outside the air side heat transfer coefficient of only 120 W / (m2 ℃ ), The total heat transfer coefficient k is very low (certainly less than 120: This is a heat transfer in the most basic principle), plus the fin after, k can suddenly increase several times to reach 700 (steel) 1100 (composite pipe), which is the most effective and economical way to enhance heat transfer

The coil material of the high-efficiency air cooler consists two kinds one is aluminium tubes and aluminium fins,the other is steel tubes and steel fins. The aluminum tube with aluminum fins air cooler, fin and heat exchanger tube are expanded. The segments have close connect and small thermal connect resistance, high heat transfer efficiency and good corrosion resistance. While Steel pipe and air cooling fin tube heat exchanger adopts whole hot dip galvanizing process, segment closer contact, small contact resistance, high heat efficiency, strong corrosion resistance. The fins are integrally corrugated, porous aluminum sheets or steel sheets. The fixed distance (8, 10, 12mm) and variable distance (8/16, 10/20, 12/24mm) fin combination form. 

The air coolers are mainly used for the processing of meat, poultry, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, eggs, cold drinks and frozen storage of beer, liquor and other kinds of alcohol. And air coolers also meet the cooling needs when cooling process raw material of chemical, pharmaceutical industry, machinery, electronics , Hydropower and other industries.
Air cooling device is independent of a set of equipment, small area, can be placed indoors or outdoors, and the device can be used to connect with the device can also be used in the hose. Pressure can be adjusted by the adjusting valve, by water diversion bag pressure gauge shows, before use to high frequency equipment all cut-off valve closed, through its cycle, by water diversion bag drain valve to exhaust the water, to ensure that equipment is used, there is no debris, so as not to cause blockage.

Air cooler use the environment air as cooling medium, these air go through the horizontal fin tube, so that the high temperature process fluid to get cooling or condensation of equipment, referred to as "air cooling device," also known as "air cooling type heat exchanger". The air cooler is also called the fin and air blower, which is used to replace the cooling medium of the water cooled shell and tube type heat exchanger.

With the continuous increase in the use of induction heating equipment, because the users own conditions vary, some of the equipment for the water system is not enough attention, and some users are not required to use distilled water, and the use of ordinary well water or tap water, water quality in the actual work of water cooling system and components, such as the use of air cooling has the following advantages