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Lord Fin Tube-Finned tube cooler

Finned tube cooler (stainless steel radiator) is a steel double circuit (two row) or multi circuit (four row) air heat exchanger. The finned tube is made of Φ 18 × 2mm seamless steel pipe wrapped with 10 × 0.3mm folded steel strip. It is spiral in shape and its fin spacing is 3.2mm. It can have various surface tube numbers, tube lengths and row numbers to form a variety of specifications. The inlet and outlet pipes are located on the same side. The heat source of working medium is steam or high-temperature water, and the cold source is low-temperature water or brine. It can be used as air heater or air cooler. It is a kind of economical, durable and universal radiator.

Finned tube cooler Finned tube cooler is used in air conditioning, cooling and dehumidification engineering of paper-making, chemical industry, light and textile enterprises. Because of its small heat pipe and dense fins, the effect is good. 

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