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Lord Fin Tube--Finned tube heat exchanger design

Finned tube heat exchangerFinned tube heat exchanger design and overview of SRL radiator

1. SRL radiator is a national standard atlas radiator type recommended by the steel frame, steel-aluminum radiator tubes;

2. SRL heat sink drain pipe with a fixed frame, compact, air tightness, easy installation;
3. SRL-type radiator is both suitable for steam systems and hot water systems suitable for use as a heating radiator air, mainly for air heating hot air heating, air conditioning systems and drying apparatus, hot air apparatus main equipment . SRL Steel Aluminium composite radiator in the current industrial and mining enterprises, heating and ventilation systems in large buildings each been widely used;
4. SRL Steel Aluminium composite radiator heat medium can be steam or hot water. Working steam pressure of 0.3 to 8 kg / cm, the hot water temperature may be about 160 ~ 70 ℃;
5. SRL-type radiator is used in the steel tubes composed of aluminum fins, SRL-type radiator points along the flow direction in the second row, three rows of two, a total of 37 models;
6. SRL radiator has combined with tight, low thermal resistance, good heat transfer performance, high strength, low flow loss, corrosion resistance strong, hot and cold conditions in the long term is not easy deformation, long working life and other advantages;
7. SRL overall rolled steel aluminum composite radiator fins smooth burr, no wrinkles, easy to clean, easy to rule out the appearance of condensate when the fins were wet cooling in heating and air conditioning engineering, in drying heat exchange heating and other difficult situations Results dust fouling.
8. SRL radiator Type indication Description: SRL① × ② / ③
①- ventilation radiator represents the normal section of the long rounded decimeter
②- expressed radiator ventilation being rounded sectional width dimension decimeter
③- represents the number of rows of heat pipes
        Examples: SRL12 × 5/3, said: surface length 1250mm, width 545mm, consists of three rows of cooling tubes.
SRL radiator structural features
   1. Compact: SRL radiator with aluminum fins steel tubes, close contact, good heat dissipation;
   2. Cost savings: SRL closing price far below the radiator stove price, high performance and low cost;
   3. Carefully processed: Advanced Radiator processing technology, strict quality assurance system, strictly organized, well processing;
   4. Easy to install: SRL radiator installation, use and maintenance simple terms, low labor intensity;
   5. Steel and aluminum rolling: SRL combined radiator fin tube made of steel and aluminum composite pipe rolling from whole, non-contact thermal resistance, high strength, thermal shock and mechanical vibration, thermal expansion properties, and has a considerable extension of the heat transfer surface , with this fin heat exchanger tubing, sheet or effect leading string around the chip type heat exchanger.

Finned tube heat exchanger design

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