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Lord Fin Tube-Further details on Finned Tubes

With the method of numerical flow simulation (CFD) we have e.g. investigated the effects of new turbulators on the fins. The results were validated by wind tunnel measurements.
A patent was applied for the new Invention.
Product advantages:
lighter, higher efficiency and more silent than conventional products
high efficiency in heat transfer and flow performance
up to 25 % less requirement of heat exchanger tubes
up to 30 % less electrical power consumption of the fans
reduced investment and operating costs
reduction of CO2- and noise emissionroduct benefits:
Thermodynamic properties and air-side pressure losses are similar to the FE tube type
Larger clearance between the elliptic core tubes for applications with increased soiling hazard – provides good cleaning possibilities
Is preferably used for combustion air heaters and air coolers
The steel strip is wrapped around the core tube as a spiral. Subsequent hot-dip galvanizing ensures heat transfer and corrosion protection.
Fin material: Steel
Core tube material: Steel/stainless steel
Maximum operating temperature: 360 °C