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Lord Fin Tube--H-fin tube economizer Profile

H-fin tube economizer

H-fin tube economizer Profile
China is a coal producing country, coal resources are very rich, according to Chinas new energy policy, thermal power plant to coal as the main fuel, and power with coal as low as possible the use of low-grade coal. In addition to the existing supply of coal and coal blending is not perfect. Power plant boiler with coal medium is difficult to ensure that the boiler coal and ash continue to increase, the value of continuous reduction, the overall grade of coal combustion, the boiler heating surface to produce wear, dust, slag, corrosion, and a series of problems.
According to the 96 years of Chinas thermal power equipment accident statistics, when the boiler accidents accounted for 56% of all power generation, while the boiler four tube blasting, leakage is accounted for 66%. Which saves the coal dust in 38.6%, the cause of the accident in addition to pipe and welding problems, mainly due to the boiler ash, and slag, high and low temperature corrosion, wear and vibration caused by.
Foreign to boiler ash, slag, high temperature corrosion, wear and vibration of a large number of theoretical research and practical exploration, and achieved a wealth of research results and practical experience, with reference to foreign advanced technology and the actual situation of our country, design and development of H type economizer.
The H type fin tube economizer is used to weld the fins in the bare pipe of the province of the coal and the fins are used to replace the bare tube heating surfaces (see below). It is arranged by the heating surface is the same diameter and length of the light tube 6~9 times. In the same space, more heat transfer area is arranged to increase the heat absorption capacity of the coal. Compared with the bare tube, in the case of the same metal material consumption, with a larger surface area, which belongs to the first enhanced heat transfer. In fact, the increase in the heat transfer area, but also brings the heat transfer coefficient, so the two heat transfer enhancement. H type fin and H type chamber can enhance the fluid turbulence level, improve the fluid flow state, so it can strengthen the heat transfer and improve the heat transfer coefficient. The characteristics of the coal is very compact space, it is the space is the wrong column light tube 50~60%.

H type fin tube