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Lord Fin Tube-How to make Heat Exchanger Quality Inspection

Heat exchanger Equipment manufacturing inspection, including raw materia inspection, the inter-process testing and pressure test, specific as follows:
(1) Raw materials and equipment test for the size and geometry;
(2) Raw materials and weld the chemical composition analysis, mechanical analysis test, microstructure test, referred to the destruction test;
(3) Raw materials and weld internal defect inspection, the test is non-destructive testing method, comprising: radiation detection, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, penetration testing;
(4) pressure test device, comprising: a pressure test, dielectric test, air tightness test.
Heat exchanger pressure test and leak test:
Manufacturing finished heat exchanger tube plate response connectors, tube and shell pressure test or increased air tightness tests, pressure tests include pressure test and pressure test. Heat Exchanger general pressure test, but due to the structure or support reasons, not filling liquid or operating conditions do not allow the liquid residue test, pressure test may be used.
If the media is extremely toxic, highly hazardous, there are not allowed to trace the leak between the shell, it must increase the tightness test.
Different heat exchanger pressure test sequence is as follows:
Fixed tube sheet heat exchanger to be shell pressure test, and check the connection tube to tube plate joints, then pressure test tube;
U-tube heat exchanger, kettle reboiler (U-shaped tubes) and filler function first Test pressure heat exchanger shell ring pressure test while checking joints, then pressure test tube;
Floating head heat exchanger, kettle reboiler (floating head bundle) first with test compression ring and special tools for tube head floating head pressure test, the tank shall be equipped with a reboiler still dedicated housing tube head pressure test, and then pressure test tube, and finally the shell pressure test;
Overlapping joints exchanger pressure test may be single, when inter-process communication when the heat exchangers, tube and shell pressure test should be carried out after assembling overlap.