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Lord Fin Tube-Heat Exchanger Tube SA 268-TP410

Heat Exchanger Tubes Requirements
1.1 Tube material shall be SA 268-Tp410
1.2 The tubes furnished under this specification shall conform to applicable requirements of ASME Section II-A 2017 Edition specifications SA 268/SA 268M and SA 1016/SA 1016M.
1.3 The material of the heat exchanger tubes shall conform to the requirements as physical properties prescribed in specification of SA 268/SA 268M of ASME Section II 2017 Edition.
1.4 The Tubes shall have the origin of USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Japan, South Korea or EU countries.
1.5 The tubes shall be made by the seamless process.
1.6 Furnished tubes shall be free of scale.
1.7 Repair or any welding and straightening are not permitted on tubes.
1.8 The tubes shall be heat treated in accordance with para.7 of the specification SA 268/SA 268M of ASME Section II 2017 Edition.
1.9 The tubes shall be full length annealed and tempered.
1.10 Manufacturer shall take U-Tubes. Bended tube from straight tube shall not use. U-Tubes shall have post bend heat treatment after bending at manufacturing step.
1.11 U tubes shall be of one-piece construction.
1.12 The minimum mean radius of U bends shall be 1.5 times the O.D.of the tube. Flattening at the bends shall not exceed %10 nominal O.D of straight portion of tube.
1.13 Tubes shall be supported to minimize distortion during heat treating. Straightening shall not be permitted for tubes that are stress relieved.
1.14 Tube wall thinning at the bends should not exceed a nominal %17 of original tube wall thickness.
1.15 Before bending, each tube shall be subjected to the hydrostatic test or non destructive electric test.
1.16 After bending, each tube shall be hydrostatically tested as per para.26.1 of SA 1016 ASME Section II-A.
1.17 The tubes shall undergo hardness testing after bending and heat treatment. Maximum hardness value is 207 HRB
1.18 Extra U bend (the smallest radius) after heat treatment sample shall be given to TÜPRAŞ. TÜPRAŞ shall perform mechanical test and chemical analysis on the sample.
1.19 All tubes shall be provided with mill signed material certificates giving the complete chemical analysis( as per para 8.1 SA 268/268M), physical properties, heat treatment statement and number, non-destructive test results, hydrostatic test results( as per para.26 of SA 1016/1016M), heat or melt numbers or identifying symbols. Material certificiates shall be supplied according to EN 10204 3.1. The required test reports shall also conform to ASME Section II A certification section of specification SA 1016/SA 1016M.
1.20 Each length of tube shall be legibly stenciled with the manufacturer’s name or symbol, material type,grade,specification number(including year date), nominal size and heat number.
1.21 Marking of the tubes shall strictly conform to ASME Section II A specification SA 1016/SA 1016M and SA 268/SA 268M.
1.22 The tubes should be delivered seaworthy packed in wooden boxes.
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